Critique 3

Testing ideas for large screen projection

I’ve become more aware and interested in patterns, rhythm and cycles that present themselves in timelapse and the manipulation thereof. Pulse is a sketch of a large scale projection that focuses on repetition and imposed pulsing. The three strips mirror the cycle of traffic lights and have been tinted to mimic this with each continued pulse revealing or hiding pieces of a larger image. The music reinforces this repetition and adds a mechanical/computer driven element.

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Critique 2

First montage of experimental techniques

During the time leading up to the second critique I was able to conduct several experiments using techniques previously outlined. I then combined these seemingly unrelated pieces into a montage driven by music and sound effects.

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First completed experimental piece completed in preparation for Critique 2.  The work exhibits a myriad of film techniques and edit styles that I’ve been experimenting with.  Here you can see the juxtaposition of both extremes of the time spectrum from super slow motion to hyper-real time lapse.  Altered tempo and intercutting enhances the varying speeds of the shots, and a supporting soundtrack helps drive the piece forward.  In addition to playing with slow motion and motion controlled time lapse, I also began experimenting with various distortion techniques that could be applied to 360 video footage.  Continue reading

360 Sound Sync Test

Heartbreak Kids

360 video with sync sound. Click for interactive video.


First sync sound test with the 360 camera at Wintec during the 2012 multi-cam shoot. All recording parameters (framerate, datarate, compression, etc) needed to be optimized to ensure that there were no dropped frames recording otherwise the editing process would become more difficult and possibly render the take unusable. It was noted that consistent and stable power needed to be supplied for optimum performance of the laptop. This has since been somewhat rectified by lowering recording parameters to produce less strain on the laptop while on battery power.

In any case, without a consistent sustained framerate during recording, sound sync becomes impossible.