Critique 2

First montage of experimental techniques

During the time leading up to the second critique I was able to conduct several experiments using techniques previously outlined. I then combined these seemingly unrelated pieces into a montage driven by music and sound effects.

Research and techniques explored include:

  • Further experimentation with software enhanced slow motion through After Effects
  • Shooting higher framerate video for slow motion (fire poi and diving)
  • Continued timelapse experimentation with 360 video around the Wintec marae
  • Extraction of ‘traditional’ rectangular frames from 360 video by means of a free moving virtual camera placed within the sphere in an After Effects environment
  • Application of alternative panoramic projections normally used in still panorama to the panoramic video.  I.e. ‘little planet’, dynamic morphing of projections and applying Droste effects
  • Sound cued video effects and edits
  • Timelapse experimentation with the Stage Zero motion controlled dolly system from Dynamic Perception
  • Observations of light fluctuations with increased framerates and electrical fluctuations
  • Attempts at HDR timelapse with Ladybug 360 camera
  • ‘Hacking’ firmware on point and shoot camera to enable portable timelapse ‘Gorilla Lapse’
  • Further testing of the Lucid 360 panoramic video software

Accompanying visual presentation can be viewed below.