KinectLapse at Critique 4

Demo of the KinectLapse presented at Critique 4.  The demo is a proof of concept for large-scale, user controlled 360 time lapse videos.  The exhibit used a combination of open source and proprietary software to create the interface.  Kinect tracking and input interface are available from the website, and the 360 video player is the Lucid player.  An online 360 demo can be viewed here.

Critique 4 – Final

2D Representation of Multi-screen Lapse, “Sounds of light”

My final presentation included various works that represent the broad scope of my practical research.  Aside from the Google hyperlapse, none of the works can be properly experienced in an online format.  The works were created to occupy a space, provide interactivity, be tactile or to be actively consumed.  They are referred to here only for documentary purposes.  Continue reading

Critique 3

Testing ideas for large screen projection

I’ve become more aware and interested in patterns, rhythm and cycles that present themselves in timelapse and the manipulation thereof. Pulse is a sketch of a large scale projection that focuses on repetition and imposed pulsing. The three strips mirror the cycle of traffic lights and have been tinted to mimic this with each continued pulse revealing or hiding pieces of a larger image. The music reinforces this repetition and adds a mechanical/computer driven element.

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Critique 2

First montage of experimental techniques

During the time leading up to the second critique I was able to conduct several experiments using techniques previously outlined. I then combined these seemingly unrelated pieces into a montage driven by music and sound effects.

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