Leap Motion Controlled 360 composite video

Float is an experimental 360 composite of 2D source footage to create a spherical video.  I used the After Effects plugin Fulldome, a plugin designed for planetariums, in order to combine the footage into the equirectangular projection required for playback in the Lucid player.  Touchless control is accomplished with the Leap Motion device, but better controls would be achieved with custom software designed specifically for a panoramic viewer.  An interactive demo can be viewed here, but download may be slow.

Sounds of Light – Single Screen

This was the edit and first screen upon which the multiscreen time lapse was built.  With massive render times and complicated workflow for the multiscreen output, it was important to begin with a foundation.  The remaining edits for the other screens would all follow from this one.

iPad Night Drive Lapse

iPad Night Drive Lapse

This 360 night drive lapse was created with the Ladybug3 camera and intended for viewing on an iPad or other mobile/tablet device.  Here I was interested in a tangible interface to the 360 night lapse.

This experiment was used to test the camera’s behavior in a night time environment, and it also served as the first test where the camera was strapped to the roof of a car for a mobile situation.  Various exposures, framerates and speed effects were tested to achieve the result.  The footage was captured and edited before I became aware that I was, in fact, producing an interactive hyperlapse video.

Google Street View Hyperlapse

Inspired by some open source software developed by the clever guys at Teehan+Lax Labs, Google Street View Hyperlapse, I decided to recreate some of my first year in New Zealand with a virtual road trip at warp speed. Weeks of arduous image capture and editing has paid off in an entertaining experimental piece that will become part of my final presentation.  All imagery was captured from Google Street View data and compiled, edited and manipulated to create the finished piece.

In some ways this is a reflection of spending my first year traveling around New Zealand, and living out of a car. Fleeting memories. A jumbled up mash of mixed images from my mind. Chasing the sun, avoiding the rain. Always moving while trying to remember where we’ve been. Looking at the ever changing sky in the Land of the Long White Cloud.